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Pg2-"3 - To Pg167-Jah-Jur
Pg3-A C-A C Pg168-Jus-Kno
Pg4-A c-A g Pg169-Kno-Lab
Pg5-A G-A L Pg170-Lab-Lan
Pg6-A m-A n Pg171-Lan-Lay
Pg7-A N-A P Pg172-Lay-Lea
Pg8-A P-A S Pg173-Lea-Lex
Pg9-A S-A S Pg174-Lex-Lin
Pg10-A S-A S Pg175-Lin-Liv
Pg11-A S-A tj Pg176-LIV-Loo
Pg12-A t-Aca Pg177-Loo-Mac
Pg13-Aca-Act Pg178-Mac-Mak
Pg14-Act-Ado Pg179-Mak-Man
Pg15-Ado-Adv Pg180-Man-Man
Pg16-Adv-Aft Pg181-Man-Mar
Pg17-Ag/-Akt Pg182-Mar-Mat
Pg18-Alb-Alt Pg183-Mat-Mea
Pg19-Alt-An  Pg184-Mea-Med
Pg20-An -An  Pg185-Med-Mem
Pg21-An -An  Pg186-Mem-Met
Pg22-An -An  Pg187-Met-Mic
Pg23-An -Ana Pg188-Mic-Mic
Pg24-Ana-Ana Pg189-Mic-Mir
Pg25-Ana-Ana Pg190-miR-Mod
Pg26-Ana-Ant Pg191-Mod-Mod
Pg27-Ant-Ant Pg192-Mod-Mod
Pg28-Ant-App Pg193-Mod-Mol
Pg29-App-App Pg194-Mol-Mor
Pg30-App-Are Pg195-Mor-MRI
Pg31-ARG-Asp Pg196-MRI-Mul
Pg32-Asp-Ass Pg197-Mul-My 
Pg33-Ass-Ass Pg198-My -NAN
Pg34-Ass-Aud Pg199-Nan-Nat
Pg35-Aud-Ava Pg200-Nat-Net
Pg36-Avi-Ban Pg201-Neu-New
Pg37-Ban-Bas Pg202-New-Nig
Pg38-Bas-Beh Pg203-Nig-Non
Pg39-Beh-Big Pg204-Non-Nov
Pg40-Big-Bio Pg205-Nov-Nut
Pg41-Bio-Bio Pg206-Nut-Obs
Pg42-Bio-Bio Pg207-Obs-Omo
Pg43-Bio-Bod Pg208-On -Ong
Pg44-Bod-Bra Pg209-Oni-Opt
Pg45-Bra-Bui Pg210-Opt-Opt
Pg46-Bui-C.P Pg211-Opt-Ore
Pg47-C/A-Cap Pg212-Org-Ort
Pg48-Cap-Cas Pg213-Ort-Ove
Pg49-Cas-CEO Pg214-Owl-Par
Pg50-Cep-Cha Pg215-Par-Pat
Pg51-Cha-Cha Pg216-Pat-Peo
Pg52-Cha-Chi Pg217-Peo-Per
Pg53-Chi-Chr Pg218-Per-Per
Pg54-Chr-Cle Pg219-Per-Per
Pg55-Cle-Cli Pg220-Per-Phi
Pg56-Cli-Coa Pg221-Phi-Phy
Pg57-Cob-Col Pg222-Phy-Phy
Pg58-Col-Com Pg223-Phy-Pla
Pg59-Com-Com Pg224-Pla-Pol
Pg60-Com-Com Pg225-Pol-Pop
Pg61-Com-Com Pg226-Pop-Pos
Pg62-Com-Con Pg227-Pos-Pow
Pg63-Con-Con Pg228-Poz-Pre
Pg64-Con-Con Pg229-Pre-Pre
Pg65-Con-Con Pg230-Pre-Pri
Pg66-Con-Coo Pg231-Pri-Pro
Pg67-Coo-Cor Pg232-Pro-Pro
Pg68-Cor-Cou Pg233-Pro-Pro
Pg69-Cou-Cri Pg234-Pro-Pro
Pg70-Cri-CSR Pg235-Pro-Psy
Pg71-CSR-Cur Pg236-Psy-Pub
Pg72-Cur-D.  Pg237-Pub-Qua
Pg73-Dai-Dea Pg238-Qua-Qua
Pg74-Dea-Del Pg239-Qua-Rap
Pg75-Del-Dep Pg240-Rap-Rea
Pg76-Dep-Des Pg241-Rea-Rec
Pg77-Des-Des Pg242-Rec-Ref
Pg78-Des-Des Pg243-Ref-Rel
Pg79-Des-Det Pg244-Rel-Rem
Pg80-Det-Dev Pg245-Rem-Res
Pg81-Dev-Dev Pg246-Res-Res
Pg82-Dev-Dev Pg247-Res-Rev
Pg83-Dev-Dia Pg248-Rev-Ric
Pg84-Dia-Dig Pg249-Rid-Roa
Pg85-Dig-Dis Pg250-Roa-Rol
Pg86-Dis-Div Pg251-Rol-Rol
Pg87-Div-Dre Pg252-Rol-Rur
Pg88-Dre-Dye Pg253-Rus-Sat
Pg89-Dye-Ear Pg254-Sat-Sci
Pg90-Ear-Eco Pg255-Sci-Sec
Pg91-Eco-Eco Pg256-Sec-Sel
Pg92-Eco-Eff Pg257-Sel-Sen
Pg93-Eff-Eff Pg258-Sen-Sex
Pg94-Eff-Eff Pg259-Sex-Sid
Pg95-Eff-Eff Pg260-Sig-Sim
Pg96-Eff-Eff Pg261-Sim-Sma
Pg97-Eff-Eff Pg262-Sma-Soc
Pg98-Eff-Eff Pg263-Soc-Soc
Pg99-Eff-Ele Pg264-Soc-Soi
Pg100-Ele-Ele Pg265-Soi-Som
Pg101-Ele-Emo Pg266-Som-Spa
Pg102-Emo-End Pg267-Spa-Spe
Pg103-End-Eng Pg268-Spe-Sta
Pg104-Eng-Enh Pg269-Sta-Sta
Pg105-Enh-Env Pg270-Sta-Sto
Pg106-Env-Epi Pg271-Sto-Str
Pg107-Epi-Ess Pg272-Str-Str
Pg108-Ess-Est Pg273-Str-Stu
Pg109-Est-Eur Pg274-Stu-Stu
Pg110-Eur-Eva Pg275-Stu-Stu
Pg111-Eva-Eva Pg276-Stu-Sub
Pg112-Eva-Exa Pg277-Sub-Sup
Pg113-Exa-Exp Pg278-Sup-Sus
Pg114-Exp-Exp Pg279-Sus-Syn
Pg115-Exp-F.E Pg280-Syn-Syn
Pg116-Fab-Fac Pg281-Syn-Sys
Pg117-Fac-Fai Pg282-Sys-Tax
Pg118-Fai-FE  Pg283-Tax-Tec
Pg119-FEA-Fib Pg284-Tec-Tem
Pg120-Fib-Fin Pg285-Tem-The
Pg121-Fin-Fix Pg286-The-The
Pg122-Fix-Foo Pg287-The-The
Pg123-Foo-For Pg288-The-The
Pg124-For-FPG Pg289-The-The
Pg125-FPG-Fro Pg290-The-The
Pg126-Fro-Fun Pg291-The-The
Pg127-Fun-GA  Pg292-The-The
Pg128-GAD-Gen Pg293-The-The
Pg129-Gen-Gen Pg294-The-The
Pg130-Gen-Gen Pg295-The-The
Pg131-Gen-Gho Pg296-The-The
Pg132-Gia-Glo Pg297-The-The
Pg133-Glo-Gra Pg298-The-The
Pg134-Gra-Gri Pg299-The-The
Pg135-Gri-Gui Pg300-The-The
Pg136-Gui-Han Pg301-The-The
Pg137-Hap-Hea Pg302-The-The
Pg138-Hea-Hel Pg303-The-The
Pg139-Hel-Hig Pg304-The-The
Pg140-Hig-HIV Pg305-The-The
Pg141-HIV-How Pg306-The-The
Pg142-How-Hum Pg307-The-The
Pg143-Hum-Hyb Pg308-The-The
Pg144-Hyb-Hyp Pg309-The-Thi
Pg145-Hys-IFR Pg310-Thi-Tis
Pg146-IFR-Imm Pg311-Tis-Tor
Pg147-Imm-Imp Pg312-Tor-Tox
Pg148-Imp-Imp Pg313-Tox-Tra
Pg149-Imp-Imp Pg314-Tra-Tra
Pg150-Imp-Imp Pg315-Tra-Tre
Pg151-Imp-Imp Pg316-Tre-Tur
Pg152-Imp-In  Pg317-Tur-Unc
Pg153-In -Ind Pg318-Unc-Uni
Pg154-Ind-Ind Pg319-Uni-Urb
Pg155-Ind-Inf Pg320-Urb-Usi
Pg156-Inf-Inf Pg321-Usi-Val
Pg157-Ing-Ins Pg322-Val-Ven
Pg158-Ins-Int Pg323-Ven-Vir
Pg159-Int-Int Pg324-Vir-Vul
Pg160-Int-Int Pg325-Vul-Wat
Pg161-Int-Int Pg326-Wat-Wes
Pg162-Int-Int Pg327-Wes-Why
Pg163-Int-Inv Pg328-Why-Wom
Pg164-Inv-Ion Pg329-Wom-Wor
Pg165-Ion-Isl Pg330-Wor-You
Pg166-Isl-Jah Pg331-You-






Title Authors ISBN EUR Apx.Rs.
"Biofertilizers" need of tomorrow Monika Barkodia und Leela Wati 9786138389163 €35.9 Rs.3188
"Building Love among Religions" for "Engineering World Peace" Aung Min 9783659899089 €49.9 Rs.4431
"Building Love among Religions" for "Engineering World Peace" Aung Min 9786139826476 €55.9 Rs.4964
"DEMO Primary Heat Transfer System and Balance of Plant" Cristiano Ciurluini, Gianfranco Caruso und Fabio Giannetti 9786202085663 €64.9 Rs.5763
"Disclose or get disclosed": Maria Kanevskaya und Maksim Olenichev 9786202010504 €32.9 Rs.2922
"DOING BUSINESS 2017" in Uzbekistan Konstantin Kurpayanidi 9786202300995 €89.9 Rs.7983
"Elip-Marc" Learning Activity to Improve Students Mathematic Reasoning Wisulah Titah Ulya 9786202309776 €79.9 Rs.7095
"Face of an Angel", by D. Chávez: a Chicana's autobiographical project Lana Araujo 9783659834875 €55.9 Rs.4964
"From butterfly" Igor Kovalev 9783330070080 €35.9 Rs.3188
"Furundu"Example of a high protein substitute produced by Fermentation Amgad Abdelaziz Hassan Albahi und Warda Shokrat Alla Abdelgadir 9786139843602 €49.9 Rs.4431
"Happiness" as Constructs of Reality in Instagram Yves Peter Carlo De Rivera Medina 9783330341500 €35.9 Rs.3188
"I am a part of it" Yuliana Abisheva 9783330336797 €49.9 Rs.4431
"Molecules to Materials: Volume 2 Materials to Molecular Fragments" Sankarampadi Aravamudhan 9783330652514 €63.9 Rs.5674
"O.Henry’s American Scenes” and the Accompanying Language Activities Tamila Mehtiyeva 9786134989374 €49.9 Rs.4431
"Real Horrorshow" Petra Schönfelder 9786202209212 €64.9 Rs.5763
"Shithole countries" Adiela Boussougou Kassa 9786138388777 €35.9 Rs.3188
"Textualization" of the Real in the Cinema of Lars von Trier Joseph Houssni 9783330802711 €55.9 Rs.4964
"The Bootstrappers Way" Akosua Dardaine Edwards 9786139871704 €32.9 Rs.2922
"The Most Dangerous Job on the Planet” - Ship-breaking in Bangladesh M. Jamaluddin Ahmed und Md. Nazrul Islam 9783659918681 €69.9 Rs.6207
"The Story of My Life" by H. Keller as material for integrated skills Andrianirina Ramampy 9783330878853 €49.9 Rs.4431
"To Stand Where God Stands”: The Mission Praxis Of The Melodi Ya Tshwane Congregation Azwindini Ernest Tshibalo 9783330003125 €41.9 Rs.3721
"Tourism Awareness through Themed Restaurants" Caroline Alice Frey 9786202213660 €54.9 Rs.4875
"Twitter" Revolution goes Tulip Nargiza Ryskulova 9786202079037 €32.9 Rs.2922
"When I am with my husband,I do not feel mosquito bite" Mary Quist und Augustine Adomah-Afari 9786202060547 €49.9 Rs.4431
"Zakaat” in Muslim law Compared with Social Security Institutions in Western Countries Esmat Watad 9786137320846 €64.9 Rs.5763
(In)Transitivity in multimodal construal of events Ekaterina Varenik 9786139828135 €39.9 Rs.3543
(k,r) domination and its variations G.Jothilakshmi Gurusamy, A.P. Pushpalatha und V. Swaminathan 9783330335745 €35.9 Rs.3188
‘Creative Accounting’: A Legal Approach to Earnings Management Eu-Jin Teo und Sarah Hinchliffe 9783659778803 €28.9 Rs.2566
‘Gender Disparities’ in Zimbabwe Tanyaradzwa Munouya 9783659453311 €39.9 Rs.3543
‘Talking the Walk’ and ‘Taking the Walk’ of Responsibility Siddharth Mohapatra 9783659931246 €59.9 Rs.5319
‘The Black Magic’ of National Mandate Party/Partai Amanat Nasional! Dr. Anang Anas Azhar 9786134950251 €69.9 Rs.6207
‘Untamed’ nature and society conflict in South Africa's national parks Paballo Chauke 9786138341017 €35.9 Rs.3188
“2+1” Programme Yueting Hu und Sujiang Wu 9783659888571 €32.9 Rs.2922
“A Model for e-Customer Complaint Management System” Using SOA Esraa Afify 9786134915878 €55.9 Rs.4964
“Bacteriological profile of Diabetic foot infection” Bajarangilal Chaudhary 9786202052993 €49.9 Rs.4431
“Cognitive Abilities & Subjective Well-Being Among Elderly” Jyotsana Maurya und U.V. Kiran 9786137381700 €49.9 Rs.4431
“Designing of An Performance Appraisal System for Industry” Pravin Wararkar und Kishor Wararkar 9783330014404 €35.9 Rs.3188
“Home is where the heart is ... or is it?” Bongiwe Lydia Ngwane 9786139876167 €54.9 Rs.4875
“Machiavellianism Personality and its Psychological Correlates" Tehzeeb Najaf 9786138346043 €44.9 Rs.3987
“M-Health Discovery” – A tool to Automate the Discovery of Epidemics Ben Jeddou Mahmoud 9783330347120 €35.9 Rs.3188
“Nava (9)” Algorithms for Solving Optimal Reactive Power Problem Lenin Kanagasabai Nirmaladevi 9786137426043 €39.9 Rs.3543
“PashApp” A User Friendly Pashto Text Editor Sarwar Shah Khan und Muzammil Khan 9783330350274 €49.9 Rs.4431
“Songs of Guilt”: When Generosity is to Blame Alessandro Volonté 9783659912849 €23.9 Rs.2122
“Telehumanism” (30 Years after Spitak Earthquake December 7, 1988) Grigori Vahanyan 9786137379554 €79.9 Rs.7095
“Troubling Love” by E. Ferrante: Killing Mother for Keeping Her Love Hayriyem Zeynep Altan 9783330350403 €19.9 Rs.1767
“Untranslatability” Revisited! Mohsen Arefi und Alireza Ameri 9783659882111 €71.9 Rs.6385
“Yoga” solution for health hazards of Law enforcement agency personnel Shweta Satish Devare Phadke und Rauf Iqbal 9786202026000 €51.9 Rs.4609
1 Million Fans! Dennis Schmitz 9783639889628 €49.9 Rs.4431
1 million houses Program for Angola, Some ideas for success Ilídio Daio 9786134975315 €29.9 Rs.2655
1,3,4-Oxadaizole: Synthesis, Reactions and Pharmaceutical activity Dr. Vikram Panchal, Dr. Hiren Variya und Dr. G.R. Patel 9786139878802 €39.9 Rs.3543
1. Bayesian Analysis of the Incidence of HIV/AIDS in Upper East Region Clement  Ayarebilla Ali 9783330013025 €55.9 Rs.4964
1000 MCQs and Answers on Strength of Materials & Theory of Structures Sabih Hashim Al-Zuhairy 9786202315494 €104.9 Rs.9315
101 Poems on Life and Nature Yousef Bakhshizadeh Gashti 9786137384343 €14.9 Rs.1323
1108: Finding Faith and Resiliency a Year after Typhoon Haiyan Juan Miguel Flores 9783659972379 €35.9 Rs.3188
12 points of view in periodontology Ilma Robo und Saimir Heta 9786202198950 €49.9 Rs.4431
147 Poemas por Amor Claudio Mioranza 9786137389263 €28.9 Rs.2566
18th C Women's Captivity Narratives: A Postcolonial Feminist Reading Afaf Hamzaoui 9786137435304 €55.9 Rs.4964
1-D Hydrodynamic Flood Modeling to identify Flood prone areas Sanjaykumar Yadav, Darshan Mehta und Sahita Waikhom 9786202013871 €55.9 Rs.4964
1H-Imidazo[4,5-c]quinolines as Potential Bioactive Molecules Zeinab Mahmoud 9783330975002 €64.9 Rs.5763
1-Napthaleneacetic acid in Crop Cultivation Pranab Basuchaudhuri 9786136622132 €94.9 Rs.8427
1st National Congress of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Cristian Covarrubias 9786133995147 €55.9 Rs.4964
2016 Business Strategies Sibel Kargın und Rabia Aktas 9783330007147 €53.9 Rs.4786
2016 Educational Strategies Muzaffer Tepekaya und Erkan H. Atalmış 9783330006980 €41.9 Rs.3721
2016 Socio-Economic Strategies Ali Rıza Gokbunar, Birol Kovancılar und Selim Duramaz 9783330006799 €41.9 Rs.3721
2016 Socio-Economic Strategies in Turkey Mustafa Miynat und Deniz Zungun 9783330007635 €36.9 Rs.3277
2017 Business and Financial Strategies Silvius Stanciu, Huriyet Bilge und Tugce Danaci 9786202076197 €45.9 Rs.4076
2017 Socio-Economic Strategies Ali Rıza Gokbunar, Florina Oana Virlanuta und Deniz Zungun 9783330069824 €55.9 Rs.4964
2017 Turkish World Socio Economic Strategies Alparslan Ugur, Kenan Tozak und Ayhan Yatbaz 9786202074179 €63.9 Rs.5674
20th Century Cultural Framing of the Schnell Family in Columbus, Ohio Jim Schnell 9786202479738 €49.8 Rs.4422
21st Century Soft Skills in our Cognitive-laden Curriculum Marjorie C. Quieng 9783330075443 €41.9 Rs.3721
21st Century: Connections and Work Francisco Javier Ibáñez Castejón 9786139843787 €35.9 Rs.3188
250 OSCE Stations in Pediatrics Yasir Abdulelah Mahmood 9786137376812 €69.9 Rs.6207
2700+ Solved Problems In Higher Vocational Engineering Mathematics Salah Emara und Faten AbdelHameed 9786139576548 €59.9 Rs.5319
2D Seismic Reflection Data Interpretation of Pakistan Indus Offshore Yasir Bashir, Shazia Asim und Muhammad Gulraiz Akhtar 9786202009843 €35.9 Rs.3188
2D semiconductor for sensing and super capacitor applications Bhanudas Karche und Nitin Shelake 9786139584352 €69.9 Rs.6207
2nd Thermodynamic Law low-cost testing apparatus Nuno Calçada Loureiro, Marco Rocha und Joaquim Costa 9783330200722 €23.9 Rs.2122
30 years Chernobyl: A radioecological study Veronika Exler 9783330509559 €32.9 Rs.2922
360 Appraisal and Employee Development Ashwini Anandaraj und Balaji Kumarasamy 9786135829334 €35.9 Rs.3188
360° Management Excellence in Africa Thierry Libone Nyope 9786202287920 €104.9 Rs.9315
3D Art Cartography. History and modernity Anna Atoyan-German 9783659924811 €32.9 Rs.2922
3D Biometrics and Random Number Generation for Symmetric Cryptography P. M. Rubesh Anand 9783659957703 €64.9 Rs.5763
3D Bioprinting: Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels Luka Banović 9786202208024 €23.9 Rs.2122
3D Cell-SELEX: in vitro selection of RNA aptamers for prostate cancer Aline Gomes de Souza, Karina Marangoni und Vivian Alonso Goulart 9783659858307 €28.9 Rs.2566
3D Educational Model for Engineering Design Mohanaad Shakir 9783659761171 €64.9 Rs.5763
3D Finite Element Analysis of Stress in the Periodontal Ligament Khalil Hussein Mahmood Ghuloom, Rohan Mascarenhas und Shahista Parveen 9783330013384 €49.9 Rs.4431
3D Game Development for Multiple Platforms Iqra Karamat und Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja 9783330343764 €35.9 Rs.3188
3D Laser Scanners: History, Applications, and Future Mostafa Ebrahim 9783659955075 €49.9 Rs.4431
3D Modeling & Finite Element Analysis of Friction Stir Welding Process Barnik Saha Roy 9783659571374 €64.9 Rs.5763
3-D Modelling & Application Of Elemental Parabolic Crack Block -ANSYS Siddharth Minz 9783659865985 €71.9 Rs.6385
3D Numerical Simulation of Experiments on Masonry Arch Bridges Ignacio Brunet Coll 9786202070621 €49.9 Rs.4431
3D Printing of Biomaterials Scaffolds Gehan T. El-Bassyouni 9783330652835 €45.9 Rs.4076
3D reconstruction of deformable surfaces using isometry Ajad Chhatkuli, Adrien Bartoli und Daniel Pizarro 9783330871038 €51.9 Rs.4609
3D Segmentation and Visualization for The Mandible, Maxilla, and Teeth Kadry Awad 9783330973374 €55.9 Rs.4964
3-D Shape Recovery From Image Focus Using Self Organizing Map Fahad Mahmood und Javaid Iqbal 9786134986373 €28.9 Rs.2566
3D Visual Shape Processing based on Discrete Differential Geometry Huai-Yu Wu 9783659903960 €69.9 Rs.6207
3D Volumentric Visualization of MRI Images with Improved Marching Cube Nikhil Patel 9783659943317 €49.9 Rs.4431
3D Volumetric Image Reconstruction from Vision Sensor Array System Dilika Sumanapala, Dinuka Sumanapala und Sivalingam Thushan 9783330349346 €35.9 Rs.3188
3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT Techniques for Cancer Radiation Treatments William Vladimir Ona Rodriguez 9783330011519 €35.9 Rs.3188
3E - Planetearth Concept for Sustainable Development Khalid A. Al-Thour 9786202006156 €35.9 Rs.3188